What is PAT Testing?

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If you use electrical equipment in your workplace - whether it be a kettle, computer, fax machine, radio or electrical drill, there is a danger that somebody might be injured or killed if it becomes faulty.

PAT Testing is a way of checking electrical items to see if they are still safe, and taking them out of use if any faults are found.

PAT Testing is not a legal requirement, but it's certainly a good idea. If you don't have your equipment tested regularly and you have an accident, you're in big trouble!

What on Earth Happened to t2technical?

t2technical was an Electrical Safety Company, based in Hull, East Yorkshire.

The company was founded in 2003 by Tim James, widely regarded as the UK's leading expert in PAT Testing. The company grew quickly, providing a competitive PAT Testing service based on comon sense, customer service and reliability. Tim James also provided PAT Testing training courses through the company, and many hundreds of people were trained in the subject.

In 2008 the recession hit the PAT Testing Industry very hard, and although t2technical was trading profitably, many of its customers were not. Three of its biggest clients in the retail sector went bust over Christmas 2008/9, leaving the company in some difficulty.

With the industry facing a period of great uncertainty, Tim James took a bold decision (and later proved to be a right decision) to wind down t2technical and transfer the successful parts of the business into 2 new companies.

Now, for PAT Testing advice, training and consultancy, you are advised to contact PAT Testing Expert.

For PAT Testing Equipment, sales of accessories, labels, plugs and fuses, contact Yotari.

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You can contact PAT Testing Expert on 0845 459 4295

Yotari Ltd is on 0345 257 9984

For information relating to t2technical, please contact FA SIMMS and Partners on 01455 555444